Alaskan Malamute vs Husky – Similarities And Differences

alaskan malamute vs husky

From the topic of this article, it is easy to decipher that the focus of this article is to expressly share the details needed to be known about the Alaskan malamute breed of dog vs the husky breed of dog. So, if you have been looking at breeding any of the following dogs or similar dogs like the ones that have been mentioned in the first paragraph of this section.

The breed Alaskan Malamute is a huge breed of dog which initially was bred as a result of the endurance and the strength that the breed of dog possessed with which it hauls heavy freight just like a hound dog and a sled dog. The Alaskan malamute  breed of dog shares certain similarities with the other breeds like the arctic dog, the spitz dog, the Canadian Eskimo breed of Dog, the Greenland dog, the Siberian Husky breed of dog, the Samoyed breed of dog, and the husky breed of dog which we will also be looking at in this article.

However, the husky breed is often used as a sled dog in most polar regions.  It is not really a difficult task to spot the polarities or disparities between the huskies vs the Alaskan malamute breed of dogs that were mentioned in the preceding section because of the husky breed of dog’s fast pulling style at race. When the husky breed is used as a sled dog, they usually represents a very fast changing crossbreed of the fastest dogs.


alaskan malamute vs husky

The Alaskan malamute breed of dog is a strength personified breed of dog. Not only is the breed of dog enormously strong, it is also a spitz breed heavy duty working dog; the Alaskan Malamute breed of dog is a very loyal breed of dog, an affectionate breed of dog, a playful breed of dog as well as a very dignified breed of dog that is best identified through its properly furred and plumed tail which often wags at its back, it is also recognized for its erect standing ears, and for its very substantial bone.

By a shoulder length check, the Alaskan Malamute breed of dog is about twenty-three to twenty-five inches and the breed often weighs about seventy-five to eighty-five pounds. More so, the features of the Alaskan malamute breed of dog points to the possibility that the malamute breed of dog has its origin from the crossbreed of the arctic sled breed dog.  The Alaska malamute species of dog has bones heavy enough to carry it along as it does it works, also this specie is well recognized for its very deep chest, its dense, and its very powerful shoulders.

Breeders believe that the Alaskan malamute species of dog love to snuggle with human beings (their owners precisely) especially after they retire for the day. Another interesting feature of the Alaska Malamute breed of dogs are team players which is why they belong to the category of pack animals; however, every team has a team leader and so does the packs. The Alaskan Malamute requires proper training especially while it is young so that it is able to follow in line with the pack leader which is the owner.

Breeders of the Alaskan Malamute have also expressed that without a loving but very firm training, that the Alaskan malamute breed will never recognize the owner or breeder as the leader or as the one who is in charge, then the Alaskan malamute breed of dog will not possibly have any reason to respect the breeder. Apart from that, the Alaskan Malamute breed of Dog is a very friendly dog, and also is a breed of dog that loves to socialize with children, and will not give up its loyalty for any reason at all.


Here are some of the amazing facts about the Alaskan Malamute breed of dog

  • It loves to have a job while exercising

As much as the Alaskan Malamute is a breed that is fit to work and loves to work, through and through, bred for stamina and strength. So, while at work, the Alaskan malamute likes to play. You could take the Alaskan malamute on any of these exercises while it is getting a job done.

If the dog is carrying a backpack, you could take it hiking. If the dog is pulling a bike especially when someone is on the bike, you could take it bike joring because that is what the exercise is about. You could also go skate joring with Alaskan malamute pulling someone on the skate. Apart from agility classes, the dog can exercise by pulling someone on a cart, on skis, and even on a sled. Alaskan is a social breed and will always appreciate space.

  • It needs a stronger leader

As established in one of the preceding paragraphs, Alaskan requires a strong leader. Also, basic obedient trainings can always put Alaskan malamute on check.

  • It enjoys spending time with family

Alaskan malamute belongs to a pack, so the sense of belonging to a pack makes it easier for it to fit in with family which is why it loves to spend enough time with its family. They also enjoys spending time with children as well; however, ensure to supervise the relationship between the Alaskan Malamute and the children.

  • Alaskan Malamute has no tolerance for hot temperature:

This breed of dog does not like anything close to heat or the hot temperature which is also why the breed drinks a lot of water and mostly exercise when it is not hot. So, if you live in an environment where the temperature is quite hot, do not get or keep an Alaskan Malamute there.

  • It sheds its fur twice a year

The Alaskan Malamute breed of dog has a very thick fur which explains why it has no tolerance for heat. However, the Alaskan Malamute breed of dog sheds this oily and wooly fur twice a year. It is important to know that during the shedding season, that you the breeder have a vacuum cleaner and always be ready to clean because there will be lots of clump of furs lying around different corners of the house.

  • It loves to hunt

Alaskan Malamute loves to hunt preys, as well as chase after smaller animals like rabbits, cats, squirrels, and other small animals. However, Alaskan Malamute gets along very well with cats if the breed was raised with cats from its period of puppyhood.

  • It likes to dig

The Alaskan Malamute breed of dog has an unquestionable digging skill that could always come in handy for the breeder when needed. So, if for any reason you need to dig up something in your backyard or your landscape, or you need to plant some flowers somewhere, the Alaskan malamute breed of dog is the best company and professional for the digging job. Just make sure that the Alaskan Malamute breed of dog exercises and has fun while on the digging job.


alaskan malamute vs husky

We have in the preceding sections shared what there is to be known about the Alaska Malamute breed of dog. In this section, we will share what there is to be known about the husky breed of dog in this section.

Just like every organism has different kinds or species, there are also different types as well as different breeds of the husky dog. Some of these different breeds have been mentioned in the previous paragraphs; however, for the purpose of emphasis we will in this section share some of the the husky breed of dog.

So, some of the different kinds of the husky breed of dog include the following: The Siberian, the Alaskan Malamute species of husky, the Alaskan species of Husky, the Akita species of Husky, the American Eskimo species of husky dog and the Chinook species of husky dog.

More so, there are other breeds of dogs in the husky family that have not been mentioned previously. Some of these unmentioned breed of dogs includes the following: The Finnish Spitz species of husky, the Keeshond species of husky, the Samoyed species of Husky, the Schipperke species of Husky, the ShibaInu species of husky, the Red and White species of Husky, the Norwegian Elkhound species of husky, and the Miniature species of Husky.

Regardless of the already created long list of the breeds of husky dog, there are still more of them which we will not dwell on in this section any more, as the emphasis of this article is on sharing details about the Alaskan malamute breed of dog and the husky breed of dog, which is more like a comparison of the two.


In this section we will be sharing some amazing facts about the husky breed of dogs, and they outlined and briefly outlined below:

Origin of the husky breed of dog

The different kinds of the husky breed of dogs were first bred by the Eskimos of Chukchi and according to breeders, the ancestors of the Siberian husky breed of dogs were bred the people of Chukchi in the northeast part of Asia. The need to breed this species of dog was as a result of the fact that the people of Chukchi were nomadic and needed to expand their hunting territory in order to survive, so they bred a dog that could help them pull loads during long distance journey, as well as dogs that could survive under the cold temperature.

  • They are Santa’s favourite dogs

Breeders account that Siberian huskies first appeared in the U.S and in Canada at the time of the first gold rush in Alaska. The husky dogs are known to be superior kind of sled dogs that were used for sled races. Breeders also record that the husky dog could be Santa’s favourite dog because it leads the reindeer.

  • Other names of the husky dog

The Siberian Husky by the virtue of its origin were previously known as the Chuksha, or the Chukcha. Afterwards, the Siberian husky was also referred to as husky or sibe; sibe was derived from Siberian.

The husky breed vs the Alaskan Malamute breed of dogs

Some amazing differences between the alaskan malamute vs the husky

While it is true that the husky breed vs the Alaskan malamute breed of dogs share a lot of similarities, especially because the both breeds belong to the family of the Splitz dogs, the Siberian Husky breed of dogs is entirely different from the Alaskan Malamute breed of dogs.

This difference is also evident in the fact that the Alaskan Malamute breed of dog is very famous for its strength, while the husky breed of dog is mostly recognized for its stamina, and the husky breed is also considered to be more social, more free spirited, healthier and more intelligent than the other breeds of the Spitz family.

Other amazing facts about the Alaskan malamute vs the husky

  • The husky dogs are famous for Heroic deeds

It is said that in 1925, the husky breed of dogs was in the headlines of the news because a sled team of the husky breed medicine to Alaska, and Nome, during the outbreak of diphtheria in the winter of 1925.

These team of sled dogs had travelled through more than six hundred miles in the terrible condition of the environment and the total atmosphere within two hundred and eighty-eight hours, which is equivalent to a period of five and a half days. During the time, the team of the sled was led by the dog named Balto, a Siberian Husky breed. For such heroic deed, a bronze statue was built in the New York City in the honour of the Siberian husky Balto.

  • The Husky Breed were war dogs

The husky breed of dogs was in the United States’ Army during the world war two (world war II), and were used by the United States army to transport mails, medicines, and provision in the war.

There are records that show that the husky breed of dogs equally served in the Arctic search of the Army, as well as in the Air Transport Command Rescue unit, and then in the Antarctic expeditions of the Byrd.

  •  Husky breeds are the only breed that can alter their Metabolism

Breeders have stated that the Husky breed of dogs are the only breed of dogs that has the ability to change their body metabolism, and they do that quite easily. The ability to alter their metabolism is as a result of their ability to draw enough energy from a variety of sources, this gives them the energy they need to work or run for a long period of time without getting exhausted or even fatigued regardless of the quantity of food they had before they set out to carry out a task.

  • The husky breed Adaptable facts

Following the track record of the Siberian husky, one can say that they are have strong adaptive abilities which is evident in how they survive the very cold weather, how their fur or double lush coats shields them from heat, as well as how they provide access to the shade and fresh water.

  • The Husky breed is colourful

Not only is the husky breed known for its stamina, the husky breed is also famous for its aesthetic appearance. The breed has a very colourful fur that is quite dense and soft. It also sheds a lot, especially in the season of spring and during the fall, so you have to have a vacuum cleaner. Huskies have a very wide variety of colours, and are also identified by the spots on the head, and some different patterns found in other breeds.

  • The Husky breed has a matching nose

The husky breed has a colour nose that matches the colour of its coat or fur. For instance, if the body of the dog is black, grey, or brown, the nose takes after similar colour except for the white dogs that have flesh coloured nose.

  • The husky breed has snow nose

The husky breed of dog also has a condition that breeders call it the the snow nose. During that condition, some markings that are pink in colour appear on the nose during winter, and disappear during the summer.

Husky breeders say this occur in the husky breed because of the enzyme called the tyrosinase. This enzyme controls pigmentation in the body of the husky breed and is more responsive to lower temperatures.

  • The Husky Breed Has Ole Blue Eyes

The colour of the husky breed’s eyes could be amber or brown. However, the husky bred predominantly has blue eyes in its trait. Siberia Husky sometimes have breeds that have half-brown and half-blue eyes or weirdly one blue and one brown eye, which is also known as the heterochromatins. It also has an almond shape that enables makes it very easy for the husky to squint and as well keep out snow from getting into its eyes.

Final thoughts on Alaskan malamute vs Husky

Both of these guys are amazing and have an amazing history and remarkable performance. Truly best of both canine worlds, than both canine names, these smart and hardworking dogs who also shower you with both love and affection when the job is done! They have many similarities but also have many differences.

Husky is predisposed to a few health problems, it needs a little grooming, it eats less and its initial cost is cheaper. However, Malamute is more independent, less likely to suffer from anxiety disorders, and is much stronger and more defensive than Husky.

They both need exercises and will destroy your house and garden if left untouched. However, they are both very smart and take up commands easily, so if you raise them correctly them well and taking care of their needs, none of this should be a problem.

With their wolf-like appearance, but cuter and fluffier, they are head turner of humans and other animals alike. Malamute is much larger, and is a better protection because of its guardian tendencies. So, if it is a guard dog then Malamute is probably the best option. Husky is a smaller version, but it has more goofiers and chattier than Malamute. So, if it’s a friendly family friend you want, maybe Husky is the one you can choose.

When it comes to choosing a canine companion, the question is never what is the best dog, but which dog is suits your lifestyle? So, the million-dollar question is, what breed has  drew your emotions and got right into your heart?